COVID-19 has pushed us to a breaking point

The government’s response to COVID-19 has been clear from the beginning: shelter in place, wear a mask, wash your hands and respect 2-metre social distancing. But for youth who are homeless, it’s nearly impossible to follow these basic safety directives.

Homeless youth face additional challenges to staying safe and healthy during a pandemic: many have no easy access to medical care, can’t afford basic sanitation products, and have no safe place to physically distance.

And now, with youth unemployment levels skyrocketing — and even higher for racialized youth — young people’s opportunities to lift themselves out of homelessness and enter the workforce are more limited than ever before.

As we confront the challenges of this pandemic, our most vulnerable young people are quite literally being left out in the cold.

A new Action Plan is badly needed

The City’s last Youth Job Action Plan was released in 2015 — and it did not address the problem of youth homelessness. Since then, the jobless rate and the number of homeless have steadily risen.

Simply, we need a Youth Job Action Plan led by Mayor John Tory and the City of Toronto.

With dedicated government policies, programs and supports, we can offer homeless youth meaningful job training that will boost their self-confidence, allow them to find gainful employment and relieve the crushing economic stress they face.

Today, Eva’s Initiatives is calling on Toronto mayor John Tory to break down employment barriers and make a Youth Job Action Plan part of a comprehensive approach to resolving homelessness.

Take action today!

Homelessness is not a misfortune, it’s an injustice.

Now, more than ever, Toronto’s homeless youth need our support. As winter looms, help Eva’s Initiatives get its message to Toronto’s City Hall — and fight to put an end to youth homelessness.

By signing our petition, you’re sending a clear message to John Tory that we need to prioritize youth and offer them a level playing field with great job training. Join us today!